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The CRA.

The CRA.

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I got audited by the CRA this month, which is real rich because I have no money and therefore no secrets, but nonetheless I was required to go through every single transaction I made in 2017 this morning. And lemme tell you, it was bleak. Real bleak. But I did learn several things about myself in this tedious, painful exercise.

 #1- I spent $818.65 on the TTC last year

 #2- I spend about the same amount on coffee as smokers probably spend on cigarettes every month.

Both things I’m working towards cutting back on. TTC and coffee, that is.

The most tedious part was the realization that a year ago this week I had absolutely no money.


I have mostly blocked this part of last year out but I do remember spending my last few coins to take a one way trip on the streetcar to go drop off a resume for a waitressing job (that I got, btw) knowing I’d have to walk home later.

But today I combed through my bank statements from a desk at my dope downtown co-working space in between tasks for my new creative position in a supportive, badass company. 

If this was a full length real essay I’d find a way to say: 

“In conclusion, life can be pretty fucking bleak at times, but if you work your fanny off and take every garbage moment the universe throws at you as an opportunity to learn and laugh at it, then the bleakness very quickly can turn into badassness” 

But in a way less heavy handed and cliche way, of course. 

But this isn’t an essay, it’s just a musing.


Happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day.